We like to bring a sense of balance to each Vacation in paradise. Every retreat includes elements of relaxation, movement, surf, adventure and time connect with yourself and others! We want you to own your time and make this Vacation yours, so if you crave extra downtime or more activity we are here to help!



Note that not ALL Vacations have both Mallory and Ashley, be sure to check out the details of each individual Vacation to know who your host is!

  • YOGA

    Under the stars, on the beach, in a jungle studio. Ashley, the SRF Vacation yoga and pilates instructor will lead you through an unforgettable restorative or vinyasa core flow class.


    Get a six pack while you're on vacation. Ashley and Mallory will teach you how to engage your core, glutes properly and have you work on shoulder stability. These classes incorporate mini stability balls and bands in these 90 minute pilates sessions on the mat.


    Mallory, your mobility expert will guide your surfer strong body through a 90 minute recovery session. This class involves using mobility balls and stretching techniques to release the tightest muscles. Wake up feeling re-energized and ready to tackle any hike or surf session!


    These fun sweaty sessions are our highest intensity workouts that involve cardio and strength movements on the beach. You can expect to use TRX trainers, resistance bands and your own body weight in this bootcamp style workout.


    Our goal is to teach each and every client to love movement, beyond just classes. Enjoy going for a run on the beach, a short hike, a sea kayak, a SUP or Surf on your downtime. We choose locations that promote a healthy active lifestyle and are happy to tag a long with you!


Whether you are paddling out for your first time or you’ve ridden 100 party waves, there is always a surf element to our Vacations. Each SRF Vacation is unique, the accessibility to surfable waves will vary. Surf lessons and rentals will always be available by a local expert instructor. Lessons and rentals may be included or available for an additional fee depending on  the location of the SRF Vacation.


Every SRF Vacation has an element of adventure and exploration. Each destination is hand picked to give you a truly unique travel experience! We hike waterfalls, tour volcanoes, European vineyards, ancient fortress villages, surf and SUP in beautiful oceans, experience the local culture, visit monkey and sea turtle sanctuaries, and the list goes on. SRF Vacations is about getting you beyond your comfort zone to build up strength, confidence, and courage…. and have fun doing it!

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