Co-Founder of SRF Vacations

I love to travel, explore new places, meet new people and create lasting memories. I feel as though I’m living my perfect life when I’m immersed in nature and exploring all of it’s beauty. Second to traveling, I love my job. Teaching fills me up. To have the ability to connect with people and inspire them to be healthy mentally and physically is such an awarding job. Retreats are something I’ve dreamed of doing for years and finding the right business partner to deliver an amazing experience to our SRF family is so exciting! I hope to inspire our guests through all movement but specialize in yoga/Pilates/meditation. I cannot wait to explore new destinations and soak up beach time with you!

My favourite place to travel / surf

Brazil! A tiny town called Paria de Rosa, imagine a stunning jungle, flowers in bloom everywhere, white sandy beach with constant rolling waves and  warm sunny days…ahhhh! Amazing!

My perfect day while I’m on vacation

No rush to wake, sit with a coffee and piece of really tasty dark chocolate, take a long run on the beach or in the jungle, finish with a practice over looking the water and sit in peace to soak up my surroundings. Then I’d fill my day with beach and ocean time, a hike or lounge reading a book. Finishing my day with a delicious meal and a glass of vino watching the sun set is the best way to spend my days!


For me, it’s all about connecting with everyone in the retreat. I love to hear all about their lives, stories they share, things they have overcome and what brought them to the retreat.  It’s the people who come on the retreat that make retreats so amazing! I’m so grateful  for everyone who shares their life stories with me.

What gets me stoked?

Honestly, being outside by an ocean and surround by nature gets me more energized then anything else!


I’m no daredevil but I get myself into lots of trouble doing silly things…or do the silly things just always happen to me?!? These stories are better by the beach bonfire and cocktail in hand!

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