SRF Vacations was always something I dreamed of starting to share my passion of health, movement, surf, sun, travel and making new meaningful connections with people.

Before I opened my SURFSET fitness studio in landlocked Calgary, Alberta my husband and I traveled the world together exploring beautiful beaches and cities meeting amazing people and making lifelong friendships. We truly were living freely and fully. It is my intention to show each SRF Vacation guest how to do just that.  I am the co-founder, fitness/mobility instructor and surfer of SRF Vacations and I can’t wait to catch a wave and sweat together. If you want to know more about me, head to my personal website

My favourite place to travel / surf

Honestly, anywhere I can catch a wave with great company. The most memorable place to surf would have to be JBay in South Africa. I absolutely love Northern Nicaragua for the people and the waves and return there as much as I can along with Kauai!

My ideal day on a Vacation

Waking up with the sunrise without the need of an alarm clock, go straight to the beach for a run or to catch a few waves if the tides are working. Grab an amazing cup of coffee and delicious breakfast and spend the rest of the day either relaxing on the beach or checking out a nearby waterfall. Take advantage of a sunset surf session one last time and cap off the day with a coconut porter beer or glass of wine.

My most memorable experience leading a retreat

There are too many to write about in one paragraph and I feel like every retreat just adds to my library of most memorable experiences! If I had to pick, it would in Portugal… we had an entire day of unreal memories! We started in the ocean surfing, where we were all catching party waves and encouraging one another to do their best. Followed by that, we did an awesome rooftop workout overlooking the Portuguese coastline. We then adventured into an ancient Portuguese Fortress village, had a glass of Port and explored the castle. We capped off the day with an unreal wine tour with the owner of a local vineyard and even had dinner with him! We closed the night off with a group ping pong tournament at our beautiful boutique surf hotel! So fun!

Other memories are salsa nights, leading coaching sessions beachside, seeing my clients progress and move through limitations in the water and in their lives in just one week….. I truly have the best job in the world!

What gets me stoked?

Can you guess? Other than spending quality time with my people, surfing, fitness and travelling, honestly just helping unlock people’s potential. Whether I am running my online health and wellness business (swellness), or leading a retreat, any chance I can help people find their true strength, I consider my life FULL!

The Wildest thing I’ve ever done

Too many to share and too small of a space to write hahah! Probably whale shark diving in Mozambique, Africa. Keep in mind I was actually terrified of fish in lakes before I decided to dive with these 15 meter friendly giants, but it was well worth it! Not only did it help me get over my fear the experience was incredibly rewarding.

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