Who is a typical SRF Vacation guest?

  • We welcome dudes and dudettes who are interested and have a passion for travel, adventure, surf, fitness and are looking for a a health conscious yet balanced getaway.
  • We tend to attract mostly females between the ages of 30-45
  • SRF Vacations retreats are full of all kinds of movement, surfing, hanging out on the beach or pool side complete with a cocktail or two. We are not a retreat that is anything close to a week of partying or YOLO behaviours but we also aren’t a silent meditation retreat. We are right in between.
  • We are looking for laid back, light hearted, fun seeking, down for adventure travellers who are open to new experiences! No prior experience in yoga, pilates, surf, or meditation is necessary.
  • If you are in the mood to party all day and all night on your vacay, we would also advise you to look elsewhere, we just won’t be able to provide the experience you’re after.

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